Homer's Travels: Nebraska Geopicting Contest - VOTE!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Nebraska Geopicting Contest - VOTE!!!

They've named the fourth quarter winner for the Nebraska Geopicting Contest. Now it's time to vote for the best. Please go to the link below and vote for my picture. My picture is displayed in the sidebar on the right and, just in case, here it is again:

Voting ends on 15 January 2010 so vote as soon as possible. Thanks to everyone who plan to vote.


  1. Of course I voted ... my fav pic

  2. Done and done. You need to figure some way to make some $$$ of this pic...

  3. Everyone: Thankyou for taking the time to vote. I should know who won on the 19th of January.

    GH: I've already made $250 of that picture. If I win, I'll make another $1,000 if the form of a laptop.