Homer's Travels: A Very White Christmas

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Very White Christmas

Well Christmas finally got here after the longest Christmas Eve in history. Outside the blizzard is still blowing. We woke up at 7:30AM this morning and went out 15 minutes later to start clearing our driveway and our neighbor's driveway. We have a deal with our elderly neighbors - we clear out their driveway and sidewalks and they let us use their snow blower. So far it's been a pretty sweet deal. A snow blower really speeds things up. Here's what we had to deal with this morning:

Not the most interesting picture as, instead of red and green, everything is white and grey. Between the garage door and the street was a three to four foot drift. The Wife and I managed to knock both driveways out in about an hour and fifteen minutes. We are pretty exhausted and the thought that we will be doing it again this afternoon and tomorrow is a little depressing.

Mom was going to come over for Christmas dinner but that won't be happening due to the snow. The In-Law's Christmas will be celebrated after the New Years.

We opened presents last night. Most of my Christmas present was in help buying my new computer. I also got a camera lens cleaner, a pair of post-exercise sandals I'd heard about (they feel good on the feet), a book on identifying trees, and a pair of glove liners (they've already helped keep my hands warm this morning). All good stuff and just what I wanted.

The one I think most affected by the snow is Homer. It's hard when your bathroom is out in the blizzard and the snow's so deep you drag you G-Whizzer through the snow.


  1. Poor Homer. You should get a heating pad and put it out on the snow for him.

    Did you at least serenade The Wife by singing "White Christmas"?

  2. ugh ... I have no other word for it! Poor Homer ... my Freddie would be lost, he only stands 18 inches.

  3. GH: He's a dog. He doesn't need a heating pad.

    Me ... seranade the Wife??? Why do you want me to torture the Wife???

    Dobegil: Poor Freddie would disappear in the drifts!