Homer's Travels: Last Ballsy Post

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Last Ballsy Post

Most of my posts this week have been about big balls and snowshoeing. I promise you that, baring some unforeseen blogworthy event, this will be the last balls related post and, possibly the last snowshoeing post as well.

I went shopping on Friday in search of balls to replace the ones that blew off in last Tuesday's blizzard. I hate it when your balls are blown off. I found some at Wal-Mart, where I bought the original ones, but the size of Wal-mart's balls had shrunk 30%-50%. Fortunately with the shrinkage came an increase in the number and sparkliness of the multi-colored balls.

When I got home I decided to surprise the Wife with my ball purchase and went out front to hang them out. Seeing the three to four foot snow drift in the front yard around the oak tree, I pulled out my snowshoes.

This Years Charlie Brown Tree
I got used to them fairly quickly. They weren't as hard to walk in as I expected. Backing up is a little tricky as the shoes pivot but I soon got the hang of it. It took me a half hour or so, using a long pole, to hang the 30 balls on the tree. In the process of walking around in the snow I uncovered one of the original big balls that had been buried in the drift. I'm sure more balls will be exposed as the snow melts. For those who don't remember last year's tree, here it is.

I'd wanted to break in my snowshoes on the Wabash Trace but I didn't want to brave the weather and the closed roads. Instead, the snowshoes were broken in on our front yard - a little anticlimactic as breaking in goes. I'd planned to try to snowshoe today but a forecast of freezing drizzle, which turned out to be completely overblown, kept me indoors once again. When it comes to the possibility of going in the ditch, I think I'm a little timid. I should have been out on the trail snowshoeing but I had no ... guts.

As I said at the start of this post, this will be the last ballsy post this year. I hope this has satisfied all you innuendo seekers. I smiled while I put it together. I won't mention snowshoeing again until I've actually got out on the trail and actually snowshoed for real. Snowshoeing in the front yard just isn't very satisfying.


  1. I can't blame you for being careful with weather. I like this year's tree better.

  2. That's one ballsy tree, I have to admit...

    Will keep the fingers crossed that you get out on the snowshoes soon!

  3. Godefroy: Thanks. This year's does look nicer.

    GH: Keep them crossed.