Homer's Travels: Creeping Mid-Western Rituals

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Creeping Mid-Western Rituals

Don't you hate when you realize that you are reaching that age when you start doing 'old' things? We reached a milestone last Friday. Now, I don't know if this is an age thing, a Mid-Western thing, or both, but last Friday we went out for dessert.

'Going out for dessert' has always been a mid-western thing that I have associated with my parents and family. I never went out for dessert in California, at least not as a social gathering. In the Mid-West 'going out for dessert' is often a weekly ritual.

So, last Friday we invited an old friend of the Wife's and her husband out for dessert. They suggested the Cheesecake Factory. Over Tiramisu, Snickers® Bar Chunks and Cheesecake, and, my favorite, Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake™ (The friend's husband said it looked like a slab of steak), we chatted about jobs, houses, and the 'Big Move'. It was a nice end to our trip to Omaha. I suspect going out for dessert will become a habit. A Mid-Western ritual.

So, now that we've "gone out for dessert", what's next? Will we buy a card table and invite people over to play cards? Man, I hope not. I really don't like to play cards.


  1. When you move we'll bring some "bars" down - youse can provide the hot dish.

  2. People in California must be weird. Oh, wait.... ;)

    We often go out for dessert here. It could be that we are all girls with a sweet tooth combined with the fact that everyone else has kids so dessert is the most doable thing.

  3. Heh, as kid, we went out for desert all the time. The family used to play Uno around a big table on Saturday nights. My Dad moved here when he was four (from the deep south), my Mom and I are both CA natives. Does that mean we're Midwesterners at heart?

  4. Well, that's a sweet idea (no pun intented).

  5. BM: LOL! Can't wait to have you guys down for games and dessert.

    JaG: Hey! Don't talk about GH that way! ;-)

    GH: Actually, becoming a Midwestern is the ultimate goal of life. Sounds like your almost there.

    Gany: No pun intended?!? Yeah, right. ;-)