Homer's Travels: Housing Update

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Housing Update

Time for an update on our housing situation. We decided to make an offer on the house we found in Omaha. We offered the asking price for the house contingent on us selling our California house. The sellers have accepted our offer but are keeping the house on the market. If they receive another offer, we will have 24 hours to remove the contingency and buy it or to withdraw our offer. I am not that optimistic about getting this house but there really isn't any downside for us to try at this point.

About our California house, we are holding an open house Sunday. Our realtor is spreading the word as best as he can. He has received a few phone calls that have resulted in OOOOHs when they hear our new asking price. We've had a couple walk ups who had the same reaction. Not sure if the OOOOH means "Oh my God our own house is dropping in value" or "Wow! What a deal! We could afford to buy this house." Hopefully we will find out this coming week.

The realtor also said that he needed someone to help with the open house - mainly a body to be upstairs so that things don't disappear. His wife usually does this but she isn't available so he asked if we would stay during the open house. The Wife will be helping the realtor. I feel a little weird about watching people wander around our house and I'm not sure I could handle negative comments. The Wife has the same misgivings but she has agreed to stay. She has a lot more self control than I. (I suppose this means that I owe her Jewelry.)

I haven't decided where I will be during the open house. Homer will be in the gangway beside the house. I've thought about driving out to the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve to take pictures but I'm not interested in the two hours it would take to get there and the weather is going to be chilly and windy (50s with wind gusts up to 45 MPH). I've thought about visiting the Oxnard Library. Not sure what I would do there though. I may just find someplace to park and read. That would be the simplest and cheapest alternative.


  1. Congratulations on the house. Hopefully all will work out okay. I saw pictures of the house, and it looks great. I know its not whoohoo yet, but I'm predicting good things.

  2. Yes, selling your home is always emotional. I am dealing with West Toronto homes, that's usual family area and everybody has strong connections to his property, so selling is often painful. I went through situations, when buyer was accepting the price, but the almost-ex-owner didn't like him and didn't seel the house to him...

  3. Definitely worth a shot.

    I'm with you, I'd hate to be around as people criticized my place/stuff.

  4. MoH: Thank you. hopefully things will turn out. I'm holding you to that prediction ;-)

    West Toronto Realtor: Welcome to Homer's Travels. Yes, it's very emotional. The last few months have been like a roller coaster and I really want to get off now ... but not until it sells.

    JaG: I know. I would keep trying to tell them that they're wrong and stuff. "Our house is perfect in every way" ... Ha!

  5. Jeez, I hope there aren't too many of those situations which require purchasing jewelry . That would be expensive:)

    But sure, I would take off with the dog as well.

  6. Good luck on the house with the new asking price. Hell, I'm starting to think I should make an offer...

    Good plan on skipping the Poppy Reserve. Poppies are sensitive, and when the wind is up, even if sunny and warm, they'll close themselves up!

  7. Gany: There and many ... many occasions that warrant the purchase of jewelry. I tend to ignore them but the Wife insists in keeping a tally.

    GH: Do it! you know you want to! Buy our house ... PLEASE!

    I was more worried about me closing up due to the wind and cold :-)