Homer's Travels: Walking The Art

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Walking The Art

I've pretty much been stuck in the house most of this week and our house has been a little gloomy lately. The mood has been bleak. We really need something good to happen soon. I decided what I needed was to get out of the house and get some sun. Fortunately for me, this weekend is the Ventura Art Walk. The art walk, held a couple times a year, allows artists to display their art and merchants to attract customers to buy their wares. The Wife was going to a wedding shower so this was going to be a solo excursion.

I only have a marginal interest in the art but I was curious about the three stages with live music. I parked downtown and walked around looking at the photos, painting, jewelry, pottery, and sculpture on display. There appears to be a lot of talent in the Ventura area. I wasn't that impressed with the photos as I've seen better on Flickr but some of the paintings displayed some good talent. The music varied quite a bit - some good, some not so much. There were games for the kids, Clowns, and dancers from as far as England. I watch the Somerset Stave Dancers from Somerset England for a while. They were OK.

I'd had a large lunch before I had gone downtown and I made the mistake of stopping at Palermo and buying some Dark Chocolate Gelato and a Double Chocolate Truffle. They were great - don't get me wrong - but I should have spaced out the eating a little better as now I feel a little bloaty and disgusting. I always seem to do that - no self control.

I tried to walk it off and took a few pictures before I sat down to listen to a local singer, Emy Reynolds, from Nordhoff High School. She was pretty good. The music went well with the people watching. Ventura has such a mix of people - Surfer Dudes, Money, Tree Huggers, yuppies, and ordinary people young and old filling in the gaps.

After four songs, the sun was starting to get warm so I decided to call it a day. Three hours of sun and blue skies lifted my spirits a bit. I added the pictures I took to my 2007-2008 Ventura, CA  Google Photos album.


  1. A little sunny corner like that dog has looks good to me.

    Blah to the blues.

    And mmm to the choc, bloaty feeling and all.

  2. JaG: He was looking pretty relaxed. Defiantly help me curb my blues.

    The chocolate was A.w.e.s.o.m.e!

  3. Amazing how helpful a little sun can be, isn't it? Makes me think I should try harder to get outdoors on my lunch hours at work...

  4. GH: Yep, make you feel much better. Leave the hum of the server room and go towards the light, GeekHiker.