Homer's Travels: A Hot Fiesta

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Hot Fiesta

Today was Fiesta at the Wife's school. We thought it would be appropriate to make an appearance. The fiesta served up all sorts of food, activities, and every inflatable, bouncy thing you can imagine. People were having fun listening to the mariachis and watching the dancers.

Unfortunately, today decided to be one of the hottest possible days. The festivities, food, and drink were located out in the school parking lot. An asphalt parking lot. It was hot ... a lot.

The Wife saved one of her co-workers from a cream pie in the face and instead insisted they ride the train together around the parking lot (A riding lawnmower toeing a half dozen wagons). By the time they got back from their two laps around the booths and people, the Wife was worried she'd sweated a wet spot on her shorts. Fortunately, she was wrong.

By the time we left, we were roasty toasty. We bought some plants with our remaining tickets and headed home. When we got home (10 minutes from the school) our thermometer in our back yard was reading 103.4°F (39.7°C) in the shade. The only saving grace was it was a dry heat with only 14% humidity. The heat really pooped us out. We'll probably end the day with a visit to the Outback for a steak dinner.


  1. I don't know what's worse, your weather or ours. It's in the 30s here and it snowed again today - 2nd day in a row! I can't wait to wear shorts and a t-shirt outside.

  2. Ok, are we the perfect couple or what? Homer-dog always has the butt of his pants torn out and I'm always sweating in mine. I don't know, maybe it's TMI ... but it's too funny to keep to ourselves!

    The Wife

  3. Yeah *pant* pretty *pant* hot *pant*

  4. To The Wife: *loud snort of laughter*

  5. Norm: This weather has been crazy lately, huh? I have always thought that cold is better than hot because you can always put on another layer to warm up. You only have a limited number of layers to remove to cool off.

    Wife: :-)

    GH: L*pant*O*pant*L*pant*! Hmmm ... or is that a reference to me ripping my pants ... ;-)

    JaG: The Wife LOLed at your snort.