Homer's Travels: Superpowers ... Activate!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Superpowers ... Activate!

Recently, we had a discussion with the Matron Of Honor and Best man about our superpowers. I have no idea what my powers are but the Wife's Superpowers are well know: She will find someone she knows or is connected to anywhere in the world. A few examples:

  1. We're waiting to take off to tour Mt McKinley in Alaska. Who is is the tiny plane with us? Parents of a student she taught in Omaha and a nurse who worked in the hospital where the Wife was born.
  2. We're in Waikiki and we decided to have lunch so we ended up at Dukes. Who's at the restaurant? A student that the Wife and taught in Omaha.
  3. We're in Peru. We've been picked up by our tour guide and we're waiting in the van for another tour group. Who are they? They're the Wife's Brother's Veterinarian and his family from Sioux City, Iowa.

So, her superpowers have manifested themselves once again. We arrived in Omaha yesterday afternoon and we've been in the airport for less than three minutes when we hear "Hi Miss H------!!!" Another student from her time in Omaha. We chat for a while and the Wife says that we're moving to Omaha and we will see her more often in the future. The student says that no, that won't happen because she lives in Chicago. She just happened to be in Omaha to pick up her husband. He works in California a couple weeks each year and she takes the kids to visit her parents while he's gone. Turns out her Husband was on out flight.

I wish I had this superpower but I never meet anyone I know when I travel. Now I just have to figure out what my superpower is.


  1. I thought about suggesting the Pants-Ripping-Superpower, but it just seemed in bad taste. ;)

    Will give it further thought...

  2. I have none. But I would like to find the "One" and be able to keep her.

  3. GH: LOL! Now if I could rip other people's pants from a distance THAT would be something. I would be "The Increadable Pantser".

    Gany: Give it time. You will find the 'One'.

  4. I doesn't happen that regularly for me but I have met people in weird places; family friends in Hawaii and a woman from 2 towns over when I was in Grenada (didn't know her but she overheard that I was from Vancouver and told me where she was from).

    I think I am superpowerless too...

    Pantser *snort*

  5. JaG: I'm sure you will discover your superpower soon. :-)