Homer's Travels: Omaha: Part Two

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Omaha: Part Two

Well, the Wife's interview went well so now comes the wait for the call back.

Wednesday afternoon we went out and looked at a few more houses. The first house, the newest that we've looked at, was gorgeous. We walked in and the Wife, my Mom, and I fell in love with the place including the awesome view of farm fields and creek out the back windows. Who would think that Nebraska could have beautiful views? I guess I have to rethink my preconceptions. The Wife who is partial to older homes (50's stuff) was a little disappointed that she liked the 10 year old house. I, on the other hand, like newer stuff and I liked it. The house is move-in ready and would make it really easy to move. Unfortunately once our house in Oxnard has sold, I am sure this 'dream house' will no longer be available. The only consolation is that the realtor said that similar houses in the same subdivision are becoming available periodically. This is sort of how we bought our current house. We found a floor plan we liked and then we looked until we found a similar house that was for sale at the right time.

Thursday we slept in a little. It was a rainy spring day and the wind was blowing so going outside was not very desirable so ... we went out.

We first went to the Joslyn Art Museum. We walked around the near empty museum (empty of people that is) and looked at the exhibits. There were a couple school field trips wandering through. There was some interesting stuff. The museum is pretty impressive. The building is an early example of art deco architecture. They have an impressive collection of Native American art. I didn't ask if you could take pictures but I didn't see anyone with cameras. If they allow cameras then I will have to come back some time.

After the museum it was time for King Fongs. I will talk about this culinary adventure in another post. I will say that it was interesting and pretty good.

After lunch we were planning to go down to the Old Market area of Omaha to walk around a bit. Unfortunately, the rain was coming down, the wind was whipping, and it looked really cold outside the car. Add the fact that all we saw were restaurants and full parking spots so we decided to save it for some other time. We drove by Sokal Underground where we may be see some good music in the near future. We drove through the Dream Home's area before heading back to Mom's.

Friday the weather turned to snow flurries - in April! Nothing accumulated but the wind was still whipping and it felt colder than the day before. We were very grateful for my Mom and E for having us as their house guests so we took them out to lunch. Mom suggested Old Chicago, a restaurant out by a new shopping center. The shopping center, Shadow Lake, is near our 'dream house' and I expect we will spend some time there. The food was pretty good.

After lunch we split up from the Mom and E. The Wife and I checked out the stores and checked out some dream furniture for our dream house. We took a wrong turn as we left the shopping center and took the very long way back to the dream house neighborhood to cruise around a bit before heading back to Mom's. When we look at houses we often become stalkers.

That evening we went out for dessert with one of the Wife's old friends. It felt weird going out for dessert - it's such a mid-west, old thing. I think that deserves a whole post by itself.

This was our last day in Omaha. The end of the week was much more hopeful and happy than the beginning. We left Omaha feeling positive and full of hope. We really didn't want to leave. We ended up going to bed late and getting up really early to catch our flight back to Oxnard. We both are anxious to get Home.


  1. I find myself very fortunate to be only looking for a flat instead of a house. I would not like to switch places. Good luck anyway.

  2. Heh heh heh. Somehow I suspect the weather is going to play a much bigger role in the future of your blog. ;)

    Glad the trip ended on a happier note. But which "home" are you referring to at the end?

  3. Gany: Thanks. Finding a flat (or apartment as us Yanks call them) is a lot easier then finding a house. Switching places is hard as well but it is easier when you want to be in the new location.

    GH: Now why would I want to talk about the weather? HA! I will try to control my weather posts and keep them to a minimum.

    Omaha felt so much like home this trip. When we got back on the plane to fly to California, it felt like we were leaving home and it sucked!

  4. LOL - actually I meant because you'll probably see more variety in your weather there, which will make for some interesting posts. Heck, you might even have seasons! (You know, real ones, instead of "fire", "flood", "mudslide", etc.)

  5. GH: HA! I do miss the seasons. This last week we saw at least two (Spring and Winter ... in reverse). It was in the upper 30s on Friday and the Thursday after we left the forecast was for 75. Talk about a mood swing.

  6. Well if that isn't your home your home will be waiting for you guys when you actually move.

  7. JaG: That's right! We even made a bid on the house contingent on selling our. Not likely to still be there when we're ready but it doesn't hurt to make the bid.