Homer's Travels: Topa Topa Reconnoiter

Friday, April 25, 2008

Topa Topa Reconnoiter

I decided that I needed to clear one of the reasons hurdles excuses for not doing the Topa Topa hike that I've been contemplating since February 2007. The excuse that I was leaning on was that I could not get to the trailhead due to the bad road conditions.

Back in January I drove up to Sisar Road to see what it looked like. They looked pretty bad. Sisar road is a narrow paved road through a residential area with no parking. The pavement ends and continues as a dirt road past a pair of water tanks. The last time I was there years ago the road past the tanks was in poor condition and I ended up parking near the tanks. Back in January the road up to the water tanks was rutted and looked impassable for the Honda.

I drove up there this morning to check it out. The road from the pavement to the water tanks had been repaired since January and looks pretty good. Past the tanks the road is pretty rough but, driving slowly and carefully I managed to make it all the way to the trailhead. The excuse is now officially gone. (Phil, you were, of course, correct)

Now the only thing stopping me is my uncertainties and they are fading fast. Last hike proved I could do the distance. The only doubts I have remaining is the vertical. All I need to do is give myself enough time to rest on the way up. On my way up there this morning I timed the drive - 45 minutes. Dawn is scheduled for about 5:30 AM, about 30 minutes before sunrise so I am planning to leave around 4:45 AM. This will give me maximum daytime to accomplish the hike and give me a lot of time to rest on the way up. It will also give me some time up on the top and time to find the twelve geocaches along the way back down to the car.

I drove back through Ojai and verified that a wilderness pass was not needed to park at the Sisar Road trailhead. I think I'm almost ready.

This will be the last hike on my to-do list. I'm sure that Phil or Geekhiker can suggest some good hikes to fill in the gap between Topa Topa and our move back to Omaha.


  1. Good hiking, stay safe, and take lots of pics!

  2. Dobegil: Thanks! I will probably do it sometime in the next two weeks. I always try to stay safe at the Wife's request. I've been fortunate so far though my pants haven't fared as well - I've ripped the seat out of two pairs of pants.

    I will take a lot of pictures if there is something worth capturing - I'm sure there will be a lot.

  3. And some of us are waiting for the third pair to go...

  4. JaG: LOL! Actually, I managed to repair the second pair but who knows, my repair may not last long. If I rip it out again, I'll make sure to post pictures Just.For.You. ;-)

  5. Hmmmmm... I'll have to think of some good hikes to suggest.

    Topa Topa sounds like fun (unless it's blisteringly hot). Unfortunately, I'm not sure my knee would agree for a couple more weeks!

    Say, I've got a truck that might make it up that road... ;)

  6. GH: I'm planning on doing the hike sometime next week. Not sure your knee will be healed up and ready for a 15+ mile 4,800+ hike. If it is, let me know.

    Fortunately I've confirmed the Honda can get to the trailhead by it self so your truck won't be needed.

    I would not be against doing Topa Topa again once your knee is all healed up. We could even get Phil to join us and have a blogger meet-up.