Homer's Travels: Open House And Dog Parks

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Open House And Dog Parks

The open house is over and it was a success. The Wife says that the vast majority of the comments she heard were positive. Around 30 people walked through our house, much better then the four from the first open house. Some of the comments she overheard may indicate an offer in the near future. Keep your fingers crossed.

While the Wife listened to the wonderful compliments, I was with Homer at the dog park. This was Homer's first trip to a dog park and he behaved very well. He ran around the pit bulls, mastiffs, saint bernard's, chihuahuas, and terriers of all ilk, sniffing as many butts he could stick his nose in. Eventually, I think Homer was just overwhelmed by all the other dogs and people and he just walked up to the gate and looked at me like "Can we go home now?" We spent the rest of the four and a half hours in the car - Homer sleeping in the back and me reading.

Today is ending with some good Bar-B-Que from Just-Bar-B-Que and an aura of positive feedback and hope. Feels good.


  1. You're killin me, dude. A day at the dog park (me unable to get a dog and having just camped with three cool dogs), reading in the car, AND bar-b-que! Geez, I need to retire soon...

  2. GH: The dog park and the bar-b-que were good but sitting in a civic (my accord is still in the shop - bad O2 sensor) for three hours is not the most comfortable situation even with good reading material.

    JaG: See my response to GH. Almost perfect. It would really be perfect if we got an offer on the house.