Homer's Travels: A Snow Shovelling, Snack Baking Good Time

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Snow Shovelling, Snack Baking Good Time

We had our first real snow today with about three to four inches falling on and off today. This afternoon I shoveled snow for only the second time of my life. I expect to be doing it quite a lot over the next few months. It took me about a half hour to clear off the driveway, sidewalks, and entryway which is perfect - I'll have no problem clearing the driveway between the time I wake the Wife and when she heads out to work. I'd been a little worried that I wouldn't have enough time. I don't want her to have to shovel snow.

While the snow fell I baked some banana bread for me and some sugar cookies for the Wife. This was the first time I baked these things from scratch. The banana bread turned out okay but I think I put too many chocolate chips in the batter and I may have over-baked them. I haven't tasted the cookies yet - I'm saving them for the Wife - but the cookie dough was great yummy great.

This would have been a perfect day except when the wife was leaving, her car made a horrendous metallic screech. I thought something was dragging but there isn't any indication. The Wife ended up taking my car to work. The Honda dealer is guessing it's the brakes. We'll see tomorrow when I take the car in. I hope it is something simple like the brakes but my worry is that the wheel will fall off half way to the dealership. That would really make my day.


  1. I love sugar cookies but as I have nowhere to bring them this year I won't be making them. I don't have the self control to have them near... :D

  2. Well, at least if the wheel pops off you can still stop the car. If the brakes go...

    Hey JaG, I'm sure HD and I would gladly accept cookie care packages...

  3. JaG: I haven't even tried the ones I baked yet but the Wife thinks they're good.

    GH: I second that. JaG can send cookies anytime :-)