Homer's Travels: Snow Ice Day

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Ice Day

Last night we got about an inch of sleet/freezing rain followed by an inch of snow.  You know it's coming down when the sleet is hitting the window so hard you can hear it over the TV and the thunder scares the dog.  Yep, sleet and snow with thunder - not a good sign.  The Wife's school closed resulting in extension of her winter holiday by a day.

An extra day of vacation would have been a good thing except the weather also interfered with the Wife's weekend plans.  She was planning to join her dad, uncle, and the Matron Of Honor in some Ice Fishing.  With the bad weather she decided to cancel her fishing expedition.  I'm sure they'll reschedule.

People have called me smart before but none have called me wise.  I had some Christmas shopping to get done and I had all day Thursday before the storm to get it done.  Instead of doing the wise thing, I followed the way of the procrastinator and payed the price.  Today I spent over two hours shoveling snow and chipping ice so that I could get my car out of the garage to do my last minute shopping.  I finished my shopping but I'm pretty sure that I will feel sorry tomorrow as I nurse my sore muscles.

Today's Lesson:  I learned if you kick a plastic snow shovel you can get through an inch of ice but eventually the shovel will break.


  1. Wow, you broke your shovel less than a month into winter? That must be some sort of record! Maybe you should head to your local hardware store and get some sort of ice chipping tool. Usually a shovel with a metal edge will do it.

  2. Don't ya hate that! We used to clean off our sidewalks and driveway before we left for work. Go inside to get ready for work. When it's time to leave, the snow plow had zoomed by in our absence and left a 15-20 inch snow/ice burm in front of the driveway. I honestly think they wait around the corner until everyone is done, then go down the street!

  3. Freezing rain and you still drove? Nuts I say! :P

  4. AB: I broke the shovel on its second use. Fortunately, we bought two shovels (One for me and one for the Wife). An Ice chipping tool is now on the short list of things to buy.

    Dobegil: I hear you. I was worried that they would re-build the berm before I got back from shopping and I wouldn't get in the drive way but I made it before they came back.

    JaG: Not nuts, just piss poor planning and procrastinating.

  5. Next year I'll bet you'll be ordering everything through Amazon and letting it all come to you!

  6. GH: I actually bought most of my gifts on-line but some things have to be bought in person. Actually, I think this is the first gift I bought in a store in about three years.