Homer's Travels: Our Christmas Tradition

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Our Christmas Tradition

Each year, the Wife and I buy new ornaments for the Christmas Tree.  It's our little tradition.  This year the Wife went with some very colorful and sparkly balls.  I usually shy away from the traditional balls.  I prefer Santas, snowmen, and the occasional reindeer.  There have been exceptions to this rule like this globe ball I bought a few years ago in Solvang.

Last night after a satisfying meal at the noisy and crowded Texas Roadhouse , home of the annoying singing and dancing waiting staff, we went to World Market for some stocking stuffing shopping and I took this opportunity to buy my ornament.  They had a pretty good selection and I narrowed it down to two choices: A sparkly, hot-pink, winged pig and a gift-toting Santa riding a giant rooster.  My decision was made when the Wife said the rooster riding Santa was "twisted".  I like twisted.


  1. Cool ornament.

    We used to do that, buy an ornament yearly, when I was growing up. Now I don't bother with a tree.

  2. I used to get ornaments every year as a kid; ended up with waaaay too many ornaments by the time I got older.

    The real question is: what inspired someone to create an ornament with a Santa riding a rooster? Ponder that one...

  3. JaG: Thanks. I never bothered with a tree until I met the Wife. She's more into the tree than I am but it does help you get into the spirit.

    GH: I did a little research and apparently there is a legend that a rooster crowed to announce the birth of Jesus. I guess Santa riding the rooster is a way to combine the more secular Santa with religion in a very subtle way.

  4. Um, my tree is stuck behind the couch...has been for 5 years...

  5. JaG: I don't clean behind my couch either ;-)