Homer's Travels: A Weekend Of Normalcy, Music, And Healing

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Weekend Of Normalcy, Music, And Healing

Well, it seems that sometime over this busy weekend I managed get past the worst of this persnickety bug that I've been struggling with.  I think the hump was Saturday night.

On Saturday the Wife joined her friend the Loon Whisperer (LW) and LW's sister for a movie and some Christmas shopping.  I wasn't invited and that was fine with me as she was shopping for my Christmas gifts, the movie was a hard-core chick flick, and I still wasn't feeling too hot.  I spent the day laying around on the couch trying my best to get well.  The Wife had a great day.  She described Saturday as the first normal day she'd had since we moved.  This makes me happy.  Maybe we are finally finding some sense of normalcy after the year of change.

By 6:00 PM I was feeling pretty bad.  Fortunately that seems to have been the peak of my crappitude.  Maybe it was the leftover homemade pizza.  Maybe it was something else, but I started to feel better.  The girls got back around 8:00 PM and by the time we hit the hay, just after mid-night, I was feeling much better.  

On Sunday we said our good byes to the Loon Whisperer, who spent the night at our place, before heading out to the Wife's cousin's hockey game.  Unfortunately we got the start time wrong and we underestimated how on-time they would be so by the time we got there the game was already underway and we missed a bit of the game.  The game, what we saw of it, was pretty good.  His team lost by one but it wasn't due to a lack of trying.

Sunday afternoon we attended a performance of Stomp at the Orpheum , a great old theater in downtown Omaha.  It was pretty good.  Sometimes it was hard to believe that they were making good music with junk.  It was kind of amazing.  You have to have a taste for percussion to enjoy this show.  I enjoyed the show though it got a little old at times.  The mix of humor in with the music worked well.  We both enjoyed the show.

The day was topped off with the Survivor finale.  We were satisfied having Bob win.  He played the game the best in my opinion.

While I was feeling better on Sunday, the temp was dropping.  The high on Sunday was around 49°F at 3:49 AM and dropped to 3°F by 10:00 PM.  It's going to be a cold week ... just like I like them ... but this week, no cold to bring me down.


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Cold, windy and wet here today. Yeah, yeah, you can say it's not cold, but when you live in a house with zero insulation, believe me it is...

  2. Mmm pizza...

    Glad to hear you are better, just in time for Christmas craziness :)

  3. Speaking of weather, we had a 43 degree drop between 6 AM Sunday morning and 6 AM Monday. Saint Cloud, MN shattered this date's low temp. record today (-24 before windchill). It's been a crazy week!

  4. GH: Cold is a relative term. When I was in California, cold was under 65. In Nebraska cold is below freezing.

    JaG: Thanks and yes - we are hosting the family Christmas Dinner at our place this year - Craziness

    AB: I have very few points of reference but it does seem strange. It's not my fault ... honest! ;-)

  5. I agree. I feel colder at home than I did when it was below freezing in Yosemite last year. Of course, when it's 48 outside, I can only keep my house about 10 degrees warmer, so it's 58 in the living room. I think not having a warm place to escape to makes the cold just that much colder!

  6. GH: I would agree. Dress warm my friend.