Homer's Travels: Sharing Sometimes Sucks

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sharing Sometimes Sucks

When I grew up, I was told that sharing was a good thing.  I don't think they were thinking about viruses.

The Wife, a teacher exposed to all kind of high school cooties, brought some of her work with her last Friday.  For the next three days she was miserable.  Two days after getting all better, it's my turn.

My nose is running.  My head feels like it's going to explode in a cloud of snot and brain gunk.  Last night I got little sleep.  I kept trying to shift around so that my sinuses could drain to relieve the pressure but I wasn't very successful.  I had some minor body aches that kept me from getting comfortable.  I was very tempted to get my drill and shove it up my nostril in an attempt to unplug my nose.

I'm now all drugged up and I feel a little better.  If it progresses like the Wife's, I'll be through it by Saturday.  Until then, I'll catch up on my CSI reruns and Sniff*Snort*Achoo*Drip*Ugh.

Some things shouldn't be shared.


  1. Ugh.

    I'm glad you guys are way over there...

    Get well soon.

  2. I'm amazed you were able to bang out a post. Sheesh.

    Feel better soon, my friend.

  3. JaG: Thanks.

    GH: It took some effort. Thank you, I'll try.

  4. That sucks alright. I've had the good luck to not get it yet this season.

    Crossing my fingers.