Homer's Travels: She Lost The Snowball Fight

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

She Lost The Snowball Fight

She lost the snowball fight.


  1. Let's get this straight ... nuns NEVER lose the fight!

  2. Tell me HD, do you feel a rap across the knuckles with a ruler coming in your direction?

  3. That's probably the only nun that you could throw a snowball at and get away with it. LOL

  4. Did it bring a certain sense of satisfaction?

  5. Wife: Sorry but this time Mother nature was Superior ;-)

    GH: No Catholic education for me so I have no fear of rulers.

    T_B: That is the truth.

    JaG: I didn't throw this one, Mother Nature did, but I was satisfied with a good picture.

  6. "Mother nature was Superior" ... are you kidding?! You've had some kind of Catholic education even if it wasn't in school, Homer-dog.

    Nice joke.

    Someone who is Catholic loves you. Actually, bunches of Catholics love you!

    Nuns Rock!