Homer's Travels: Car Noises ... Gone!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Car Noises ... Gone!

Yesterday I posted that the Wife's car was making a noise that sounded like something metallic was dragging under the car.  This morning as I backed out to drive to the dealer I heard one squeak followed by ... nothing.  Yep, the noise was gone.  

I hate it when you go to get something fixed and the mystery noise, twitch, pain, whatever, disappears.  Is it fixed or will it come back when it is most inconvenient.

I still went to the dealer and I was happy to say that nothing fell off the car like I'd expected.  The guy at the dealer though we might have had a rock or something somewhere where it rattled when the car was moving.  I don't buy that but I don't have a better explanation and I'm happy that it didn't cost us anything.  I guess this is better than having the wheel fall off on the way to the dealer but I would've liked to have had a more informative closure instead of some grease monkey's guess based on my inadequate description.


  1. Well, whatever it was, I guess it decided to stop hanging on...

  2. GH: I hope it's gone for good. Scared the crap out of us.