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Saturday, July 09, 2022

To Start Early Or Not

On Friday I finished my supply.  I picked up my box from the post office with my first four days of food and a lot of my gear.  I had to buy a new box as mine had a big gash in it from rough handling.  I mailed the extra supplies three stops ahead.  I stopped by the sporting goods place and purchased two camp stove gas canisters (I'm always paranoid about running out of stove gas even tho one canister would probably be enough).  I purchased a bottle of Smart Water (for the thicker water bottle more than the intelligence of the water in it) to use as my main water bottle.  By noon I was ready to go except for actually packing. 

Since everything went so smoothly I considered rescheduling my shuttle from Sunday to Saturday. I ran a couple scenarios to see if it would work.

Scenario #1: I'm currently scheduled to arrive in Rangely, ME on a Sunday afternoon. Since the post office is closed on Sunday I will have to pick up my resupply Monday morning thus having a late start to the hiking day. Moving the shuttle pick up to Saturday would get me to Rangely on Saturday afternoon.
Downside: Unfortunately the post office closes at noon on Saturday so I would still have to wait until Monday to get my resupply.

Scenario #2: Move the shuttle pick up to Saturday then do longer days to shave another day off so that I arrive in Rangely on Friday afternoon. I could pick up my resupply and still be two days ahead.
Downside: pushing the first eight days would not be good especially since I have no idea how my body will be holding up and how difficult the terrain will be. The terrain looks strenuous in my guide book.

Both scenarios look bad, frankly, so I decided to stick to my original schedule and save the pushing for the second half when I know how I'm feeling.  Now to pack and repack until I return to how I packed everything during my 2019 Appalachian Trail attempt.

P. S. I was considering taking an Uber to the nearest movie theater to see "Thor: Love and Thunder" but the Uber ride would have been $45 one way.  I think I'll watch it when I get home and it's on Disney+. 

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