Homer's Travels: The Wife And I Going Beyond Van Gogh

Friday, July 01, 2022

The Wife And I Going Beyond Van Gogh

Yesterday the Wife and I got out of the house and went to Council Bluffs to visit the Beyond Van Gogh Exhibit at the Mid-America Center.

Our experience started off on a weird note when we went to use the washroom before we went into the exhibit.  By the snack bar in a lounge the dulcet tones of Guns-N-Roses "Sweet Child of Mine" ... on piano ... wafted through the air.  The Wife and I agreed that it was so wrong.

We entered the exhibit and passed through the first part, a history of Vincent Van Gogh, the jobs he worked at, and failed at, before becoming a painter.  We learned about his relationship with his brother and the sad ending of his life.

A colorful explosion of art all around us.
You left this section, passed along a dark corridor that opened into a large hall.  Van Gogh artwork was projected on the four walls and the floor.  The projections were animated and full of flowing motion morphing from one piece to another.

Van Gogh enjoyed painting nature.
The Wife and I wandered around the floor taking in all the show enjoying everything.  The movement of the colors, especially on the floor was a bit disorienting.  The Wife got dizzy a few times.  The show continued for a long time.  We noticed the long loop repeating so we exited through the gift shop, leaving with a t-shirt and a magnet for our collection.

A sweeping seascape.
You can see pictures I took in my 2022-06-30 Beyond Van Gogh Google Photos album.

How I see the Wife and I in the future - in a small hamlet in Europe.

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