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Sunday, July 10, 2022

Here We Go Again ...

I left this morning, taking a shuttle, for the Rattle River trailhead.  This trailhead was a short distance down the road from the Rattle River Lodge (closed - a victim of COVID) where I ended my Appalachian Trail (AT) thru-hike attempt in 2019.  If everything goes as planned (it never does) in thirty days I will reach the peak of Katahdin and my AT journey, which started with a few thoughts back in 2011-2012, will finally come to an end.

The next two weeks, more or less, are going to be hell.  The terrain will be difficult and I will be out of shape but I'm going to try my best to push through.  The days are long and my miles are relatively short at the beginning so I can take my time and enjoy where I am.  The description of the last three hundred miles of the AT sounds awesome with mountain views, camping near ponds, fording rivers, and even a two person ferry.

I avoided checking the weather forecast for Maine until this week and I was pleasantly surprised.  Highs around 75℉ (~23℃) and evening lows around 50℉ (~10℃).  No rain for the first half of the first stage with a 50% chance of rain on the back half.  Since I will be hiking at elevation the temps will most likely be a few degrees cooler - perfect hiking weather.

My next stop is Andover, ME.  It will be a short one night stay at a hostel (most likely) with a post office resupply.  See you then!

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