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Monday, July 11, 2022

Another State In The Rear View ... Another Year Together

If everything is on schedule then today I will leave New Hampshire and enter the state of Maine for the first time.  What a way to celebrate our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.


It turns out we probably have only spent half of our anniversaries together.  I always seem to be travelling for work or on the Appalachian Trail.

As for my current progress, I've been trying to get into Maine since at least 2015 when we went on our New England trip.  I'd hoped to get there that trip but time was limited and Maine was dropped from our itinerary.  In 2019 I'd hope to get there on the Appalachian Trail but, once again, I didn't make it, stopping only two days before I would have crossed the border.  Since you are reading this, I think I made it this time.

I only have two more states to visit: North Dakota and Delaware.  Not sure when I will visit this odd pair of states but I think I should put some effort into it.  Maybe during another of our anniversaries.

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