Homer's Travels: Strange Findings And The Throwing Of Meat

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Strange Findings And The Throwing Of Meat

A few odds and ends.

On my bike ride yesterday, I did not keep a woolly caterpillar count but I did see a few things:
  • A cool, old, rusty, Allis-Chalmers tractor. 
  • A small 12 inch snake sunning itself on the bike trail.
  • A pair of black, lacy, thong underwear, also on the trail (Before you ask, I have no idea).

The other day I saw some sort of bird of prey in the old dead tree behind our house (This picture was taken on a particularly foggy morning).  I mentioned this to the Wife and she said that we were lucky to have the tree as it would attract birds.  When I pointed out that birds, especially birds of prey, didn't seem to like our tree, she said:
"They will when I throw meat in it."
Oookaaay ... you can't argue with that.


  1. While I can appreciate the tractor, why no photo of the undies? Get your priorities straight, man.

  2. Norm: HA! I was wondering if someone would ask for a picture. Alas, i was foolish and didn't take one. They were gone when I road the trail this morning.

  3. Throw meat in it..........your wife is a weirdo. Yes, I am writing this from Prague. Thats how great this blog is, I don't want to miss any of it.

  4. Given that I'm a fan of birds of prey, I rather like the Wife's idea...

  5. MoH: Yes she is. Sounds like you're having a great time in Europe. We're going to have fun Thanksgiving - can't wait.

    GH: Don't encourage her!

    Wife: You are strange.