Homer's Travels: Checking Out The Bridge

Friday, October 03, 2008

Checking Out The Bridge

Thursday is usually my hiking day but I decided to skip it.  I'm not sure that was a smart thing since I only have six or seven weeks of hiking weather left before it starts getting colder.  Instead of hiking I mowed the backyard and went downtown to check out the pedestrian bridge that opened a week or so ago.

The bridge is pretty impressive.  The span snakes its way across the Missouri River in a large 'S'.  It's wide enough for bikes though the number of people walking across made it a little hazardous.  One couple crossed on skates which looked really fun.  Makes me wish that I knew how to skate.

I started across the bridge and was surprised to feel the bridge move under my feet.  The concrete bridge shifts around as people walk on it.  I assume this is to allow the bridge to expand and contract with the weather.  It would also make it more resistant to the wind I would think though I wouldn't want to be on the bridge during the hurricane force winds we had last June - what a ride that would be.

I took some pictures of the bridge.

I reached the Iowa side and saw that the bridge connects to a trail system that went both north and south.  Most of these trails seem more bicycle oriented than hiking.  I'll have to bring my bike to ride over the bridge and onto these trails.

I started back to the Nebraska side and came upon an older woman with a funny look on her face.  She looked at me and asked: "Is the bridge moving or is it just me?"  I assured her that it was the bridge.  We talked as we walked over the bridge talking about the bicycle hazards, the landscaping being done on the Nebraska side, and the lack of benches to sit on.  We said our goodbyes and I continued up the Riverwalk trail.

The trail continues north.  I turned at Miller's Landing and headed back to the old market area where I'd parked my car.  I'm guessing I walked around 4 1/2 miles.  I feel like I've walked the downtown area a lot in the last few weeks.

On the way home I took a picture of Saint Cecilia Cathedral .


  1. Cool bridge. Reminds me of the bridge I saw up in Redding last year. I wonder if it's the same designer?

  2. GH: It is a cool bridge. The bridge was designed by a Kansas City firm.