Homer's Travels: Bicycle Riding On The Keystone-South Trail

Monday, October 20, 2008

Bicycle Riding On The Keystone-South Trail

I've been planning to start riding my bike since I moved here.  For one reason or other I have always found a reason not to do it.  First was that it was too hot.  Then it was I couldn't get to the nearby Keystone Trailhead because of the road construction blocking the way.  Well, it's now in the fifties and sixties and the roadwork has been completed.  All reasons excuses have been removed.  At the urging of the Wife, who has been itching to ride as well, we went for our first bike ride Sunday.

Omaha has an impressive trail network .  Eventually all the different trails will be linked up allowing someone with a lot of stamina to ride completely around the city.  The nearest of the trails to where we live is the Keystone-South trail.

We road the 1 mile to the Keystone-South Trailhead and headed south on the trail.  It's an impressive paved trail with 100 meter markers embedded in the concrete along the way.  We road for an hour which meant about 7 miles.  This may seem a little short but we had a 10 - 15 mph headwind for the first half of the ride and it slowed us down considerably.  Considering how sedentary we both have been lately, I feel we did pretty well.

We both returned home with sore behinds and we may have some aching muscles later.  I decided to do something about the bicycle crotch issues and bought myself some bicycle pants with ample padding in the tender areas.  Hopefully this will allow me to ride longer and enjoy it more.

Woolly Caterpillar count, courtesy of the Wife: 27 live ones and uncounted smooshed ones.


  1. Riding without padded bike pants? Are you nuts?

  2. GH: After the first ride, yes I am nuts. That has been corrected.