Homer's Travels: Me And Cars - Oil And Water

Monday, October 13, 2008

Me And Cars - Oil And Water

I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't be driving.  First was the speeding ticket .  Today ... well, nothing disastrous but my heart is still racing a little.

This is what happened.  It's been raining here most of the morning and I was out running errands.  I see the light up ahead turn red and I start to slow down - at least I try to slow down.  I obviously was going too fast for the road conditions and before I knew it the ol' Honda was hydroplaning and the bumper of the pickup in front of me was approaching at warp speed.  I braced myself for impact ... I think my eyes even closed for a second not being able to bear the approaching accident ... and was greatly relieved when the pickup changed lanes.  My guess is our bumpers missed by about 6 inches.  If he hadn't gotten out of my way It would have been crunch city.  My heart is still racing.

Have I learned my lesson yet?  I sure hope so.  I need to get myself out of California-crazy-driver mode and get myself into the slow-mid-west-driver mode.  I will never disparage Minnesota again.  I also need to get a new set of tires as my current ones have no traction on wet pavement and I don't expect them to be any better on snow and ice.  What sucks about that is my tires are only a year old.  They were fine in the dry California climate but here they suck.

Now I just need to slow the ol' ticker down before the Wife gets home and starts giggling again.


  1. Buy Goodyear! They can withstand a lot (just ask my Dad), last long and perform very well.

    Sorry this sounds like a plug, but they really are good tires.

  2. "California-crazy-driver" mode? I think I'm offended. ;)

    Be careful out there, Leadfoot.

  3. MH: I'll see what I can do.

    GH: You are the exception ;-) I will.