Homer's Travels: I Like The Cold ... Sometimes

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Like The Cold ... Sometimes

The past couple days have been pretty chilly with lows in the 20s and highs in the 40s and low 50s. After experiencing a taste of cold, and having experienced hot this summer, I have decided that I like cold better than hot.

Cold. I love the feeling of chilled air filling your lungs as you inhale the cold morning air. It takes me back to a time when after leaving my college dorm early in the morning, walking to the cafeteria shortly after having showered, I felt the cold air fill my lungs and my hair freeze solid by the time I got there. For some reason that makes me smile.

Cold has an advantage over hot. You can always put on more clothes to keep warm but when you're hot, you can only remove so much clothes before you get arrested.

I took a bike ride this afternoon. The air was chilly but I warmed up after a few miles. I rode under a beautiful blue sky. It seemed I had a headwind no matter which way I was going - the only irritation of the ride. The chill air kept me from sweating. I managed to ride 11.6 miles (I rigged a GPS holder for my bike so now I can give more accurate distance measurements). After the ride, my nose and ears were numb and I just loved the thawing flesh feeling when I got home. It's so much better than the sticky, wet, sweaty feeling of riding on a hot day.  My legs were very wobbly and I nearly fell down the stairs when I went down to the basement.

I'm sure, as winter progresses, especially at 6:20 AM when I'm out in the dark shovelling snow so the Wife can go to work, I may change my opinion, but for now, Cold rules!


  1. My wife and I love walking in the fall & winter. One memorable walk we took was in one of the nearby county parks. It was about 15 degrees that day. The woods were cold to begin with, but the internal furnace finally kicked in. We reached a south-facing hillside and decided to rest.

    We lay down in the tall prairie grass and basked in the suns rays. Blocked from any wind, it felt luxurious. No bugs. No mosquitoes.

    Yes, cold rules.

  2. You gave yourself an out at the end there, but I fully expect you to come back to this post sometime in, oh, say, Mid-February and see if it still rings true...

  3. Norm: I think you made the Wife swoon with that comment. Sounds delightful.

    GH: We shall see. I've been here before and I still like the cold.

  4. I agree with GH.

    Once you get the driveway cleared off and ready for the wife to leave, the snow plow will zoom by and create a nice frozen burm at the bottom of the driveway so she will have to take a revving reverse charge to get over it.

  5. Dobegil: Our driveway end with a rather steep, curb high drop. The berm of snow left by the snow plow, if they plow our residential street, may make it easier to get in and out.

    Then again, I may have to eat my words.