Homer's Travels: Seeking A Routine

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Seeking A Routine

When we decided that I would quit my job and we would move back to be near family, I took this as an opportunity to change, and hopefully grow, as a person.  I had grandiose plans to take classes, learn languages, learn how to cook, and do things that were a little out of my comfort zone to improve myself.  Now that we've moved and I've had four months to settle in, all I can do is ask: "What the heck happened?!?"

Since we've moved I've been trying to set up a routine.  I am a creature of routine.  I like predictability with just a touch of surprise to keep things lively.  I haven't achieved that yet.  I had started things, like the push-up program that I've started twice, just to see my will and motivation wane after a couple weeks.  I feel like I'm flailing around which is a little disconcerting.  This has put me firmly in a funk for the past two months.

This is starting to reflect in my posting as my posting frequency has dropped over the last three months.  This strikes me odd as I have so much more free time now than before.  You'd think my problem would be finding things to fill my time but it fact it feels like I have no time.  This, of course, is just an illusion.  My problem is more a lack of get-up and go.  It's so easy to plop myself in front of the TV and surf 100s of channels of junk (last week was dominated by CNN and CNBC - I love watching train wrecks).  To make it worse, Cox just added another six or seven HD channels.

So what am I to do?  I think the first thing to do is turn off the TV.  I need to re-think my plans or lack of plans, get my act together, and remind myself that it's only been four months.  Most importantly, I need to set some goals (a suggestion made by the Wife) and concentrate on achieving them.

Now, what goals ... ???


  1. Ugh, I've got a slightly different problem: every time I try to break out of my routine, I fall flat on my face. It's as though I just can't overcome the centrifugal force of my daily life to do it.

    Still, hopefully you'll have better luck than I. After all, you don't have to spend five days a week at the office!

  2. GH: I wish us both luck. I am discovering that getting what you wished for is not always the best.

  3. I'm currently re-doing week 5 (struggling to keep up with the schedule). I find it extremely boring. I'll hopefully reach week 6 next monday.:-)

  4. Gany: I'm taking a slower approach. I'm still doing the program but I am repeating the days to give my body time to adjust. I'm not as young as I used to be. I agree that it can be a little boring.