Homer's Travels: Little Pink Ponies ... For You And Me

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Little Pink Ponies ... For You And Me

That "J", she's so funny.  I received a birthday present from her yesterday.  A bag of Dark Chocolate (my favorite), a toilet shaped candy dispenser (Where my mind often goes, Heh), and the following card:

That card is so seriously twisted.  It is so twisted that it makes me smile.  That's the best gift a person could get.  To top it off, she packed it all in a box full of Ghost Turds (Styrofome peanuts).  Who could ask for anything more.  Thank you "J".


  1. Well, I think somebody's found the new artwork for his blog header...

  2. Ha ha - you blogged about the card, AWESOME!! Glad you enjoyed it.

    the "J"

  3. GH: Heh, For some reason I don't think so.

    "J": I did. You are so awesome at picking out cards!