Homer's Travels: Surrounded By Fireworks

Friday, July 04, 2008

Surrounded By Fireworks

From our deck we have sweeping views to the east. Tonight, the fourth of July, American Independence day, there were fireworks all around us. It was amazing. Starting at 9:30 PM, everywhere you looked on the horizon, flashes of colored lights burst in the air. It was fantastic. I even managed to get some pictures.

Happy 4th of July Everyone!!

P.S. Homer took the fireworks well. He's finally calming down and becoming a big brave dog.


  1. And a happy belated 4th to you as well!

    Did you use a tripod on those or were they (rather impressively) hand-held?

  2. JaG: Thanks!

    GH: Thanks. I don't have a tripod (it's on my Christmas list). I do have a steady railing on my deck. I had the camera resting on the deck rail and the camera in Fireworks mode. Worked pretty good.