Homer's Travels: Squatter Update

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Squatter Update

I thought I would update everyone on the squatters under out deck.  Of the four blue Robin's eggs, three hatched.  Of the three little featherless babies, two appear to have survived long enough to leave the nest.  I went out to check on them this afternoon and the nest was empty.  One of the toddlers was sitting on the fence with Mama Robin nearby.  Another was near our hammock with Papa Robin.  Mama and Papa were none too happy with us being out on the Deck with Homer. 

The Wife took Homer outside and he sniffed one of the babies before deciding he was not impressed and walked away.  Fortunately, Homer came back in before Mama Robin decided to go all kamikaze on his butt.

Here are all the pictures I took of the noisy family.


  1. I enjoy that mental image of a kamikaze robin. :)

  2. JaG: I know, I imagine this little Robin with a head band dive bombing me.

  3. I'm thinking, if they return to the same next next year, it's time to invest in a webcam! :)

  4. GH: The Wife is already talking about clearing out the nest. But, if another nest is built ... who knows.