Homer's Travels: Don't Look A Gift Boat In The Stern

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Don't Look A Gift Boat In The Stern

Back in April, on our way to King Fongs, we passed an antique store.  In the window I saw an old, wooden, toy boat.  I thought it looked cool and mentioned that to the Wife.

Yesterday the Wife went to King Fongs with our friend the "H" (She visited with her friend, the "K", last summer).  I knew something was up when I asked if I could go and she said it was going to be "just us girls."  When she came back she had a box and told me not to look at it.  OK, I thought, she bought my boat.  She took the box to the bedroom, told me to close my eyes, and then put it on the fireplace mantel.  She then told me to look.  I turned and saw ... the wrong boat.
The boat that I'd seen was a motor boat.  On the mantel was a sail boat.  A very cool sail boat.  The Wife was very disappointed that she'd bought the wrong boat.  You can't blame her since I never really pointed out the actual boat to the Wife.  It was an honest and easy mistake.  I tried to tell her that I liked the sail boat too but I don't think she really believed me.

The boat is a Star Yacht, made by a british company.  This style of boat was built since 1945, though we think it's probably not that old.  It is guaranteed to float.  I don't think I'll try to prove that though.  It belongs in our den or maybe it will stay on the mantel - it looks good there.

 The boat is an early birthday present and I like it very much. Thank you to the Wife.  I'm a lucky man.


  1. Cool boat and much better than a stink pot. ;)

    So when's the b-day?

  2. GH: Thanks!

    JaG: Stink pot?? Not sure I know what a stink pot is.

    The real Birthday is a week from Sunday.

  3. Stink pot is a power/motor boat.

  4. JaG: Aw, that's what I thought. Never heard that term for them before. Vocabulary +1