Homer's Travels: I've Been Published ... Sort Of

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I've Been Published ... Sort Of

One of my pictures has been published on a travel website.  I was contacted by the photo editor of Home & Abroad and asked if they could use it.  No money was discussed or exchanged but, who knows, a little free exposure doesn't hurt.  You can see the photo here.  It's one of the pictures I took at Malibu Creek State Park last year.


  1. Alright!!! I know someone famous!

  2. Nice! Congratulations on your photo skills being recognized!

  3. JaG: Yes it is.

    Dobegil: Well, you're jumping the gun there. It would be nice if I could turn my hobby into something bigger.

    GH: Thanks! The weird thing is, I really don't think that picture is really that outstanding.