Homer's Travels: A Month In Our Home

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Month In Our Home

It's hard to believe that we've been in this house for a month now.  Time flies ... and there are still boxes to unpack.

We've been pretty lucky with our house.  We like it very much.  It's perfect for us.  It's in a near perfect location.  And we made our offer after walking through for less than 15 minutes.  That is a big no-no when house hunting.

I like most of the house.  The only thing that's bothering me are the bathrooms.  Our house in Oxnard had tricked out bathrooms remodeled to our specifications.  The bathrooms in our new house are OK but they aren't ... ours yet.

The Wife's on her way to Minneapolis where she will visit with the Matron of Honor and Best Man.  The MoH and the Wife will be going to a Neil Diamond concert on Saturday.  I'm a little jealous but someone has to stay behind with Homer.  After all the moving - first to a hotel in Ventura, then hotels in Las Vegas and Rifle, then the Loon Whisper's home for two nights, then the new house, and finally the trip to Lake Cornelia - Homer needs some stability.  He's still a little freaked out and clingy.  The storms we had a couple nights ago (over 3 inches of rain in 2 - 3 hours and non-stop thunder for at least an hour), and the ones we're having right now, aren't helping.  Homer is currently hiding in the master bathroom.

I think my next step is to get the bike ready and start riding.  The movers removed both the front and the rear tires.  I've got them back on but the breaks seemed to be out of alignment.  When I finally get it in shape I'll check out the nearby bike trails and see if I can get myself in shape.  I have a lot of preparation before next summers Ragbrai.


  1. He will eventually get used to storms. But it does seem a little strange for such a big dog to be afraid of them.

    You mentioned riding but what about hiking?

  2. JaG: He says thanks :-)

    Gany: Some dogs never get used to it. I'm not sure size has anything to do with it. Some small dogs are incredibly brave and some large dogs are cowards. Homer just tends to hide in a dark place and pant. This is better than one of our friend's dog - she runs around peeing and pooping all over the house.

  3. Gany: Oh yeah, I will be hiking eventually but there are several bike trails near the house and not very many hiking trails. I hope to ride in Ragbrai next summer so I have to start preparing for that. My Pilgrimage in Spain will be the next year (2010) so I have more time to prepare, i.e. hike.

  4. The Parentage did the same thing with the previous house (the one they sold last summer). Dad always said that he walked in and "it just felt like home". Sometimes when you know, you know...

    Poor 'ol Homer. Give him a Scooby-Snack for me.

  5. GH: The more we are in this house, the more right it feels.

    I'll give him a pat on the head for you. I wish he would just get used to it but ... It probably won't happen.