Homer's Travels: Time For A Pot Party

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Time For A Pot Party

We're having a pot party tonight. I wish I could have seen the faces when the Wife announced this to her friends. It's actually quite benign. Nowadays when you hear the simple word "pot", it just doesn't mean what it used to. Many eyes bugged out. We have house plants and potted plants out in the garden. Since we don't want to move them, and we like many of the pots they are in, we're having a pot party. Our friends are dropping by with their own pots and we will transplant our plants. Of course, beer, chips, and dip are also involved.

We may even get some help moving some of our sale furniture out to the garage.


  1. Or you could be really New-Age-Hippie and do both. ;)

  2. Heh.

    Well you just never know what retired folk might get up to and influence their spouse with..

  3. Killing two birds with one stone, uh?

  4. GH: Uuuuh .... No, Dude.

    JaG: Unfortunately being retired does not make me cool.

    Now, are you trying to say that all I need to influence the Wife is buy her pot? Now you tell me!

    Gany: Pot ... Stone Ha, it's a pun!