Homer's Travels: Stoned Homer

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Stoned Homer

Last Wednesday night, Homer began scratching. By Thursday night he had scratched/bit/licked himself bloody on several parts of his body. He was miserable, the poor guy. That is why we took him to the vet on Friday.

The vets diagnosis was allergies. He is now on steroids and antihistamines. The meds are definitely working but I'm guessing the antihistamines are not the non-drowsy type. Homer has been sleeping even more than usual and when he is awake he looks totally stoned.

I guess it's better to be stoned than bloody itchy. The vet thinks he will have less allergy problems in Omaha. I'm not sure I would agree but I hope he's right.

We keep telling Homer that he'll soon be a mean Nebraska farm dog but he just stares off into space. There are a bunch of new experiences awaiting Homer - Thunderstorms (not good), Snow (Possibly funny until he needs to poop when it's below freezing), being able to see people (The yard has a chain link fence instead of the wooden privacy fence we has here so Homer can actually see out), and don't forget playing with Spud and the Spudettes (Total Chaos). It's going to be fun.


  1. Heh. As long as it isn't a gateway for him. Don't want to see the dog sitting around with a huge bong next time you turn around.

    Poor guy. Give him a scratch on the head for me, will ya?

  2. He didn't need a cone did he?

    Poor Homer.

    Maybe we should see a pic of his stoned self...

  3. GH: No bong ... a bone perhaps, but no bong. Consider his head scratched.

    JaG: No, thank goodness. A while back after a cancer operation they put a cone on him. The poor dog stood in our family room with the cone flat on the floor for close to a half hour. He wouldn't move or even try to lay down. He just stood there hyperventilating. We finally gave up and took off the cone and put some booties on his paws so that he couldn't scratch himself. That worked pretty good.

    Pictures wouldn't show much. He's just a little sluggish is all.

  4. Far out, man! Put some Jim Morrison on for him.

  5. aahh, poor guy! Our present dog loves the snow, hates the rain!

    In Vegas, we used to have an Akita. Unfortunately, our house was on the annual hot air balloon route and they were just a little higher than the trees and wires. He used to freak at the sound of the hot air and try to climb the chain link fence.

  6. Dobegil: Homer seems to be doing god. He isn't scratching any more but is sluggish from the meds.

    I read you post about your akita. Sounds like a nice dog.

  7. Ok, first of all, our dog is not "doing god". Thank "God" is was a small "g", so we can pretend it's a Greek or Roman "god" like Zeus. So, it is possible that while Homer thinks he is a "god" under medicaiton he is not currently able to shoot thunderbolts from his paws. Holy smokes!

  8. Wife: If you can be a goddess, Homer can be god. :-)

  9. Wow! Now that I read my comment from last night, I'm glad that I've been drinking water all day.

    I think I hear sirens ... it must be the grammar police!