Homer's Travels: 'Nope' Is Not Necessarily Bad

Friday, May 02, 2008

'Nope' Is Not Necessarily Bad

I probably should clarify the last post. I was not in the mood for many words and I think it may have been misinterpreted. The buyer's lender pulled a fast one and increased the number of points. The buyer was not happy with this so he went to another lender. Since it takes time to qualify and stuff, this will delay the process probably til next week.

So, they still want to buy the house and they are trying their best to get financing in place so ... until then it's wait, wait, wait. And then wait some more. It's the waiting that's driving us bonkers.

This , of course, has sucked the Wife and I back into the doldrums. It wouldn't be so bad if we has a second offer on the table but we don't. Keep the good thoughts, good juju, good luck, and prayers coming.

Tomorrow the Wife, the "J", and I are going on a roadtrip to the Point Sur Lighthouse. Hopefully this will be a nice distraction from our woes, real and imaginary.


  1. If you cut over through Carmel you might also want to visit Tor House. Or you might not.

    I always appreciate and am inspired seeing the homes of artists I admire. But $15 is a bit much to see a house made of rocks.


  2. Well at least it isn't completely bleak. :)

    Have a great day tomorrow and add a little chocolate to help cheer yourselves.

  3. Phil: Darn, wish I'd known about this place before - looks cool. Our trip to the lighthouse is a day trip and, with a three hour tour, we won't have time to do the house. Maybe next time. Thanks for the suggestion.

    JaG: Hmmmm ... Chocolate. That's a great idea. I'll have to make it happen somehow.