Homer's Travels: Psst ... I'm Having A Sale. Don't Tell Anyone.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Psst ... I'm Having A Sale. Don't Tell Anyone.

OK, I am brilliant. I go to the Ventura County Star (VCS) website and type up the Moving Sale announcement for the paper. I check it over several times and I'm happy with it so I submit it. Thirty minutes later I receive a phone call from VCS asking me if I would like to put the address for the sale in the announcement ... I.am.such.an.idiot. I forgot to put our address in the announcement. How stupid is that. No, our sale is a secret sale. You have to know the secret password. HA!

Sometimes I wonder if I'll survive this move.


  1. Makes perfect sense, actually. I mean, YOU know where you live...

  2. You really don't like to part with your stuff do you. ;)

  3. GH: I suppose. But I still feel a little silly.

    JaG: How true :-)