Homer's Travels: An Afternoon At The Rubicon

Saturday, May 17, 2008

An Afternoon At The Rubicon

Today, after a morning of clutter sorting (what goes to Nebraska, what gets sold, and what gets trashed), the Wife and I went to the Rubicon Theater in Ventura to see a play. The play was based on a story by one of the Wife's favorite authors, Willa Cather. When the Wife taught in Omaha before we got married, she used to take her students to Willa Cather's childhood home, and the setting of many of her books, Red Cloud, NE. I am sure we will end up there again on one of our roadtrips.

The play, based on the book "My √Āntonia",was pretty good. This was my firsts, non-school play. I wasn't sure that I would like it. Not exactly my cup of tea but, the two and a half hour, three act play went by quickly and the story held my attention. The Wife said it followed the book fairly closely. There were a few tears in the audience at the end. We found it funny when, during a scene taking place on a train, the conductor came on stage and said: "Next stop Omaha. Next stop Omaha."

After the play we went downtown to visit B. on Main, the Wife's favorite store. We didn't buy anything but we did see a very nice painting that might have looked good over the fireplace in our new home but, since we didn't have any actual measurements, we weren't sure it would fit so we didn't buy it.

After shopping, we ate dinner at Tutti's Off Main finishing the day off with a good meal and a Chocolate Chocolate Tort.

It was a nice day. I started the day in a blah mood and getting out of the house was good for me. Tomorrow, more clutter sorting.


  1. If you were, in fact, taking the train back east, it would be downright poetic!

  2. More clutter or cluster sorting? That is, if you imagine that the life is a combination of clusters.

  3. Not exactly a cheerful sounding play.

    Good thing there was chocolate later on.

  4. GH: It would be. We'll be driving though with Homer's head sticking out of the window.

    Gany: It's true. Every time you move you leave one cluster behind and start a new one.

    JaG: It is a little sad. Antonia finds happiness but Jim becomes a lawyer in loveless marriage. The story is based on a true story.

    The Chocolate was yummy.