Homer's Travels: Inspector Anxiety

Friday, May 16, 2008

Inspector Anxiety

I have found something more aggravating than being at an open house and listening to people make comments about your home. It's being in your home as the inspector goes through your house looking for problems. I was paranoid there was deal-breaker hidden somewhere that we didn't know about. As he left, the inspector told our realtor that there wasn't anything major. The buyer seemed happy. Phew!

One step closer.


  1. Always nice having someone try and pick you apart.

  2. JaG: I had to struggle not to follow him around and point out how wrong he was.

  3. Heh. I would'a had the same problem. Dad tried to teach me when to shut up around those types when I was a kid, but I never learned.

  4. GH: It's tough. I like my stuff and when people criticize it ... well, I don't take criticism well.