Homer's Travels: Santa Monica Pier

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Santa Monica Pier

Our next little adventure will be a roadtrip, if a 50 mile trip can be called a roadtrip, to the world famous Santa Monica Pier. I have lived in the Oxnard area for 19 years now and I have never been to the Santa Monica Pier. Some of you may remember the Pier from the movie Titanic. Near the end of the movie, once she was rescued, Kate Winslet goes to the Santa Monica Pier. I have driven by it and have seen it at a distance but this weekend we will drive down and give it a proper visit. We are planning to drive down, have some lunch, and sightsee before heading back. We're also going to visit a few garden shops on the way back. We pass them every time we drive down highway 1 through Malibu but have never stopped. I'll let you know how it goes and will post some pictures.

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