Homer's Travels: I Madonnari, the Mission, and Cambria

Monday, September 18, 2006

I Madonnari, the Mission, and Cambria

We made it to the I Maddonari festival in San Luis Obispo on Sunday. We fueled up at Denny's before we set out on the road. We arrived at the old Mission a couple hours later. The chalk artwork was a little disappointing. The quantity and quality just didn't live up to what we saw at last year's Santa Barbara I Madonnari. I guess Santa Barbara has a larger artist community.

We did have a chance to visit the mission. The wife and I have now visited four of the California Missions. We want to visit all of them before we return to the mid-west. More on this in a later post.

Cambria was as cool as ever. We ate tri-tip sandwiches at the Main Street Grill, did a little shopping, and just looked around. The fish at right are from a public bathroom. A nice artsy touch. We try to visit Cambria at least twice a year. Its a nice drive and it gets us out of the house. Topped the visit off with some ice cream (chocolate chip cookie dough) before we headed back.

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