Homer's Travels: The Arrival of Autumn and the Football Widower

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Arrival of Autumn and the Football Widower

Fall arrived different this year. I swear, it was like flicking a switch on Labor Day - ZAP BAM BIFF! - Fall was here. The temperature is starting to drop, it gets dark like right now, the sun doesn't come up til like noon, and the leaves are dropping like ... some bad metaphor.

One other thing that happens this time of year is that I become a football widower. My wife, as some of you may know, is a hardcore Notre Dame fan. She builds this little shrine on one of the speakers next to the TV, puts an ND neckerchief on the Homer, and then proceeds to yell, whoop, and D'OH! - scaring the poor dog upstairs all Saturday afternoon. I am not much of a sports fan. A little odd I suppose - a sexual stereotype role reversal kind of thing. Now I am not against joining the wife watching her games but, you see, I am not welcome. I have been to three ND games - two at USC, one at ND. ND lost every one of those games so now I am a pariah. I guess it's balanced out by the wife not watching Battlestar Galactica with me.

Football worship also means we go nowhere as a couple on Saturdays. I guess I don't mind this too much. I spend Saturday doing my household chores and stuff like that.

P.S. ZAP and BIFF are in Google's spell check but BAM is not - what the heck?!

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