Homer's Travels: Peru - Sin Gas

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Peru - Sin Gas

When I went to Cancun and Mexico City back in 2003, I had the misfortune of getting Montezuma's Revenge. Actually, since I probably got it near Chitzen Itza, I probably had the Mayan Trots. Anyway, when we went to Peru, I wanted to make sure that I didn't come down with anything that might ruin my experience. I had my Imodium and I was carrying Cipro but it turned out that I didn't need them. I credit the Sin Gas. For those who may not be familiar with spanish, Sin Gas has nothing to do with Christian misdeeds. Sin Gas simply means without gas i.e. non carbonated bottled water. The other option was Con Gas. So you could be a sinner or a con man - we all had a little laugh about drinking Sin Gas. I also credit the great hotels we stayed at. They made sure that everything was clean and safe for our weak american intestines. A few in our group weren't as careful but, all in all, we made out pretty well.

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