Homer's Travels: Now I'm in trouble!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Now I'm in trouble!

Yesterday I let more of my family and friends in on my Blog. Before yesterday, only my Mom and the wife's godson knew of the blog. Now that more people are reading ...THE PRESSURE! HA! The mother-in law called today and talked to the wife. She said she liked the blog and she wanted to know where we are going next. AAH! I don't know!! HA! Our adventures tend to come and go in spurts. The last month has been busier then usual. We both keep our eyes and ears open for new things to do. This is a departure for us actually. We tend to be homebodies. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but in less then two years we will be leaving California and it would be a shame to realize after we left that we had missed a treasure or two.

Most of the comments I have received about Homer's Travels has been positive. I'm surprised - I'm not the best writer and my life is pretty ordinary - I figured it would be boring. Then again, they are all family and if it were boring I doubt they would tell me.

Most of my posts will probably be done on the weekends. I have found that my writing really suffers after a long day at work. I think my brain shuts down when I get home.

I think the wife and I will go out now and get some supper.

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