Homer's Travels: Peru - Birthday Llama

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Peru - Birthday Llama

I had my 43rd birthday while I was in Peru. I started the day getting up at 4:30 am and catching a flight to Cusco. After arriving in Cusco, we took a bus to a market in the town of Pisac, our Hotel in Yucay for lunch, and finally a visit to the ruins at Ollataytambo. Our guide in Lima (and Nazca and Paracas as well) was on the ball and, having seen my birth date on my passport, arranged a small celebration in Paracas the night before. We celebrated my birthday with a gift and cake. My birthday was shared by a fellow traveler (from Sioux City, Iowa) who had a birthday three days earlier. Our gifts were crystal and silver Llama figurines - very cool. The Chocolate tort was very yummy as well. Everyone sang happy birthday but, since not everybody knew each other's first names, when it got to the part of the song where your name was suppose to be inserted, the song became a mumble, which made everyone laugh.

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