Homer's Travels: Ruminations about the Blog so far

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ruminations about the Blog so far

For my 20th post of Homer's Travels, I am going to take a look back at what I have done so far. A theme has emerged from my entries. The general theme of the Blog has evolved into being about our activities and travels. When I started this blog I was trying to find a way to let may family and friends know what was up with the wife and I. As I wrote, though, I have tried to keep things relatively anonymous. I am a little paranoid about revealing who I am to the general public. Homer's Travels is public and anyone can read it. The result is that I am unable to really get personal enough to keep the family fully informed. I don't mention names so it is hard to talk about family. I do not post pictures that have the wife or me in them. This may change in the future - we'll see.

The wife finally actually read the blog this week and she was pleasantly surprise - as was I - that she liked it. She thought the entries sounded like me and she liked the fact that there was a theme, however loose, running through the blog. She did point out the fact that this entry really didn't belong as it was kind of shocking compared with the other entries. I agree. Visiting the doctor seemed, at the time, to fit that mandate of keeping the family informed but It doesn't seem to fit anymore. No more doctor visit entries. If I think a doctor's visit or something equally personal needs to be shared, I will share it via e-mail.

I am going to start adding entries on some of our pre-blog vacations such as Alaska, Glacier, Hawaii, Mexico, and others. These entries will fill in when my regular life hits a slow patch. Slow patches, unfortunately, are all too common.

Here's a question: Should I advertise on my Blog? Obviously, I don't want to sell things to my family and friends but I have noticed some random visitors on my blog statistics and if I could sell something to them then I could probably earn enough spare change to buy a stick of gum or something. Let me know either in the comments or in an e-mail if you think I should add advertisements to Homer's Travels.

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