Homer's Travels: The Last Christmas Present

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Last Christmas Present

With the pan of brownies gone there was only one thing to do ... bake the cookie mix I got for Christmas.  Unlike the the brownies that lasted a whole three days, the cookies lasted a more typical two days with the last five cookies being consumed before 9:00 AM this morning.  Actually, now that I do the math in my head and on my fingers, the eighteen cookies that I managed to make lasted eighteen hours.  Since the Wife and I were asleep for about seven hours, that would work out to about 1.6 cookies per waking hour.

Anyway, I hope to work these calories off by going snowshoeing tomorrow up at Boyer Chute.  I had my most satisfying snowshoe excursion at Boyer Chute last year.  I doubt it will be a repeat as we have had less snow this year and the conditions were perfect last year.  We had some snow last night but it was a disappointing one inch.  Since the majority of the snow was south of us and Boyer Chute is north of us, my expectations are not really that high.  I'm hoping that there is enough snow from last week to allow me to snowshoe.  This may/will be my first snowshoe with my new snowshoes.  I'll let you know how it goes ... or doesn't.


  1. sounds like a perfectly reasonable time allotment for each cookie :D

  2. MMC: It seemed right as they were being consumed, as well. :)

  3. I'm sure that me, Just A Girl, and Miss McCracken are all open to receiving care packages, should you have an excessive amount of cookies to take care of in the future...

  4. GH: Believe me, they would never make it to the post office.