Homer's Travels: Lump

Friday, January 21, 2011


I got up this morning and looked outside and watched the snow fall sideways.  That was enough to convince me not to go snowshoeing as I planned.

So, instead of walking around while snow is blown in my face and up my nose, I plopped down like a lump on the couch and watched the last five episodes of Caprica recorded on the DVR.  (A show with potential, killed in the cradle.)

The snowshoeing plans haven't been cancelled, only postponed.  We got about an inch of snow today.  This weekend another two to four are on the way.  Maybe I'll make it out sometime next week.

I was hoping to get some cool pictures to post at Boyer Chute but, since I didn't go today, I leave you with this, the last blossom this season from our Christmas cactus:


  1. Aren't you glad you waited....we have about 7 inches of new powdery snow on the ground...Happy Sunday.

  2. beautiful christmas cactus! Mine is struggling. What do you do to care for it?

    I was a lump today. Sometimes we need Lump Days. :D

  3. Mom: I hope so. It looks like Boyer Chute may have been in the 2"-3" band but any little bit helps. Thanks!

    MMC: Thank you. I really don't do anything special. It's on a plant stand in an east window so it sees the sunrise everyday, I water it once every two weeks or so, and I use a weak miracle grow mixture once a month.

    Lump days are often needed for sanity but, at times, they can be a little aggravating.

  4. Maaaaan, I need a lump day!

  5. GH: Everyone needs one every now and then ... except when we don't need one.