Homer's Travels: Camino De Santiago: January Update

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Camino De Santiago: January Update

I'm slowly getting ready for my Camino walk in May/June.  I still haven't finished my packing list yet but I should have something posted by the end of the month.

Taking some advice from the Best Man and Matron of Honor, I applied for a Capital One VISA.  This credit card has the advantage of not charging a foreign transaction fee.  My everyday card charges 3%.  The card also gives me an added layer of security.  If the card is lost or stolen, my everyday card will be safe at home.  I have so many bills and automatic payments tied up to the everyday card that, if I every lost it or it got stolen, it would be a real pain to replace it.

I have been thinking about the train reservations and the hotel in Saint Jean Pied de Port.  I think, instead of struggling through the Spanish train website (I've heard some pretty sad stories about it) and learning French, I'll see if I can get my money's worth out of our AAA travel agent.  She seemed pretty good when I worked with her on our Jordan vacation.

I am ... trying ... to continue walking in preparation for the Camino.  Last week I didn't manage to do anything except some snow shoveling.  Today I did more of that - we had some seven inches overnight.  Thank God for out neighbor's snow blower we are using while they are vacationing in Arizona.  This week, with the extra snow we had, I should finally get some snowshoeing done.  Have to keep those legs strong and the endurance up in preparation for the walk of my life.


  1. Just a thought: have you considered joining a gym so that, even if the weather sucks outside, you can work on building your cardio?

  2. GH: Good idean but me and gyms ... we don't get along.